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The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers 7th Edition 2014

Listen to what folks from all walks of life have to say about "The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers" and how it prepared them to ace the interview and get hired.

"I was hired as an inspector for County Of Ventura. I wanted to let you know how great all the information you provided for interviews is. It's been 15 years since I've had a formal interview. All the questions asked were questions straight from your information. I got the job and start in 2 weeks — and it landed me a big raise!" — Kim Strickland, October 22 2011

"I will recommend your guide to my candidates. It's great!"

  ▶  "I have been in the recruiting and staffing business for 18 years, but the information on how to frame responses to questions gave me the confidence I needed to get *myself* a job! ... I also liked the behavior-based / behavioral interview questions strategies — it's so important to be prepared for this. I will recommend your guide to my candidates. It's great!" — Gina Padilla, Senior Corporate Recruiter, June 12 2012

"I would highly recommend this Guide to anybody."

  ▶  "This very good product is highly relevant to every interview taker. I was scheduled to have an interview last Friday and while searching for information online I stumbled onto your writing. I hesitated, but my inner mind told me go for it. I read your guide for an hour prior to attending my interview, and it was all good news from there. I went to a second interview for that job on Tuesday, then this morning I received an offer call. Not to mention, I had another interview on Monday for a position at a different company, and just this morning again, I got another offer call. I would highly recommend this Guide to anyone." — Ademola Makinde, Oil & Energy Professional, UK, March 24 2012

"A must-read item to be prepared for what is going to come at you!"

  ▶  " As you have stated, there is a specific process to answering questions. Even slightly incorrect answers can stop your chances dead. As a manager in medical devices who has interviewed hundreds of people over the years, I would always look for reasons NOT to hire someone in the interview. I would describe your Guide as a must-read item to be prepared for what is going to come at you — because it will!" — Bill Beckman, Sales Director, December 11 2103

"Some of the materials I bought from you changed my life."

  ▶  "Good to hear from you, bob. Some materials I bought from you about improving my job interview skills have changed my life. I used to be terrified of job interviews, but now I know that the people on the other side of the desk hate job interviews as much as most interviewees do — they want to hire you, but most people make mistakes that cause themselves to be rejected" — Paul Houle, A.I. Programmer and Data Scientist, September 25 2011

"A fascinating compass to use to plan for a high-impact interview."

  ▶  "I would describe this guide as as a fascinating compass to use to plan for a high-impact interview. It's designed to set you up for success in every regard. Very comprehensive, by the way. Gave me an extraordinary advantage." — Elena Chong, Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, May 6 2013

"A worthy investment ..."

"I am really enjoying your book on interviews and with just the few interviews I have attended, it's already been a worthy investment. It's opening doors for me. Thanks again." — Martin Mirimo, Procurement and Supply Chain Professional, August 8 2013

"A complete guide with key supporting data."

  ▶  "Bob, your guide has been very useful. I liked Part II best: "Preparation." I am definitely recommending it to friends and colleagues. I would describe it as a complete guide with key supporting data." — Carlos Albano da Costa e Souza, Senior Sales Director Latin America, Oil & Gas, January 11 2014

"Job Offered"

"Job offered - Starting new position. Thank you kindly for your services." — Regina Fielding, Telecom Industry, January 31 2010

"Extremely useful ... and helps put the applicant at ease."

  ▶  "It seems that your book would be extremely useful to anyone going on a job interview. It gives the applicant a good way to prepare for the interview, and preparation, of course, leads to better answers to the tough questions and helps to put to the applicant at ease." — Dr. Laura Hills, Executive Coach & Management Consultant, March 22 2014

"Very beneficial ... highly recommended."

"I have read from beginning to end and it's proved very beneficial. I very much appreciate the suggestions related to Federal KSA's (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities). Needless to say it will be highly recommended to friends. Your insights are greatly appreciated." — David Alvarado, Department of Veterans Affairs, August 24 2013

"A comprehensive "go to" resource that will benefit anyone."

  ▶  "... This interview training is a great, comprehensive "go to" resource that will benefit anyone at any stage of their career. All the areas are covered and there's a wide array of thought-provoking questions. Perfect for job seekers, industry changers and hiring managers." — Kathy McLain, Business Development, Healthcare Industry, January 15 2014

"I needed some confidence. I have felt so low in the last month."

"I enjoyed your guide very much. I needed some confidence. I have felt so low in the last month. I have been laid-off for what seems like forever. I keep re-living situations that happened in the past wondering if I should have relocated or done something differently. It's hard to get out of that circle when you are looking for a job but your book has truly improved my attitude." — Sheri Hagan, Director of Finance, September 20 2011

"I felt so much more confident and prepared."

  ▶  "Usually before job interviews I would get so nervous! I would just study my resume before-hand and then nervously repeat what was on my resume. Seriously, I would get so nervous that I would sweat, and I could feel my heart beating faster! Since I got your Guide, I've learned to take my experience and spin it in a positive way for almost any kind of question. In my last interview I felt so much more confident and prepared." — Geoff Presley, Finance, January 17 2007

"As a man, I will do everything for my little family."

"Hi Bob, many thanks for your email. I really appreciate that. Truly I need some motivations. I need an income as soon as possible. I always try hard and pray. Surely, I always follow up every chances come to me. I will do what you have said. Please keep in touch with me. As a man, I will do everything for my little family." — Sinyal Bagus, December 17 2011

"Valuable Guide."

  ▶  "Your guide was helpful. I downloaded it the evening before I went on an interview. What I found most useful was the section about the questions to ask the interviewers. I also appreciated the templates for the thank you notes. Thank you for taking the time to put together this valuable guide!" — Brigadier General Lewie Edwards, USCENTCOM, December 8 2013

"Prepared me to answer with full confidence."

"Thank you for the Job interview answers and the helpful articles you keep sending. It was a great help and made me more confident with my interviews. I am a flight attendant and before this job i was working on a luxury ship in Miami for three years. Now I'm really working to take it to the next level in my career, and the strategies in your book are amazing and have prepared me to answer with full confidence!" — Grace Pisconeri, Flight Attendant, October 3 2011

"Tremendous resource... worth many times what I paid for it"

  ▶  "I found the book to be a tremendous resource that changed how I prepared for an interview. The focus on the behavioral interview and how to prepare for it was worth many times what I paid for it. I am now employed as a full time defense contractor again and am staying open for an even better opportunity." — CJ Loria, Executive Operations Leader, March 11 2014

"I got job offers."

"Bob, You are great and this is wonderful. I followed your suggestions for my last interviews and I got job offers. Thanks so much!" — Pamela B., September 14 2012

"Recommended it to all of my colleagues."

  ▶  "I came across and purchased your publication and I have found it quite helpful. Great advice on how to answer questions in a job interview. My department was recently told there is a possibility that we all may soon be laid off, and our future is still very unclear -- so I'm already planning for it as best as I can! I went ahead & recommended your great book to all of my colleagues in an email to the entire department." — Phil Hall, Supply Chain Director, June 14, 2012

"Pleased to inform you I've been re-hired."

"Pleased to inform you that after your book, hard work and persistent, I've been re-hired for the same job I was made redundant almost four years ago. My efforts and sincerity have paid off. Starting in January. I'm much relieved." — Kweku Dadzi-Cooper, December 11 2011

"It's a tough market out there and your Guide has been so helpful."

  ▶  "During my bout of unemployment, I am doing some freelance editing work. I am reading through your guide again right now and want to personally thank you for all the tips. It's a tough market out there and your Guide has been so helpful in getting me through the interview and into the job! Just thought I would send you an appreciation email." — Lezlie W., Communications Specialist, November 11 2010

"I will start the new job next Monday."

"Hi, Bob Sorry to hear about that you got sick. I hope you get better and better. I got the job offer from the car dealership yesterday. I will start the new job next Monday. Thanks for your help and kindness." — Rita Zhang, April 30 2010

"I've always been fairly shy ..."

  ▶  "My name is Laura Opazo, and I have been facing a period of unemployment. I think the guide is quite fantastic and I would like other people to be aware of it. I've always been fairly shy but thanks to your guide, I feel far more organized and I've got new confidence and I feel more prepared in my job quest. I feel I can face the process in a much better way. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" — Laura Opazo, MBA, February 7, 2013

"Terrible interview destroyed my self-confidence ...."

"I had a terrible competency-based interview which destroyed my self-confidence. I am still recovering and your Guide helps. Thanks, I needed this." — Anonymous, September 21 2011

"... I felt more confident in myself."

  ▶  "Hi Bob, had an interview yesterday and today, I think I preformed very well. Fingers crossed. I felt more confident in myself, and I know that came across in my answers. I would recommend this guide to anyone. Hoping for positive results! Thanks again." — Daphne Harris, CSC Computer Sciences, UK, October 23 2012

"You gave me back my confidence."

"Dear Mr. Firestone, I am writing this letter to extend my deepest gratitude to you and to also acknowledge your support through out my search. I really appreciate your support and most of all your guidance through this difficult time, you gave me back my confidence. I will let the whole world see the difference you are making in people's lives through out the world. Thank you once again for having time to help." — Sisco Sasamoto, April 2 2007

"I felt a different approach was required ..."

  ▶  "Hi Bob. I'd been home-studying interview techniques for a few weeks. Out of the three interviews I've had since last Thursday, the final one was with the Director herself, and I felt a different approach was required, so I tried your behavioral interview guide. My interview went very well! Very thoughtful material." — Gwenda Taylor, Executive Assistant, May 24 2014

"I was offered 3 different positions ... "

"Within 3 weeks of going on interviews, I got job offers! I would like to express deep gratitude for your interview answers. I found your website and paid for the interview questions and followed your precise directions. I was able to expound on my experience with confidence. I was offered 3 different positions each one a different caliber. The employers were impressed with my interview techniques and articulate speech. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Without it, I do not feel I would have been as confident." — Renae Oberhill, July 25 2012

"The best interview prep materials I've read so far!"

  ▶  "Hi Bob, thanks for the linkedin connection. I've really enjoyed your blog and I've just bought your Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers - some of the best interview prep materials I've read so far!" — Nancee Marin, Marketing & Advertising, January 23 2014

"I have landed a position."

"Bob, I have landed a position & your info was very helpful. Thanks for the valuable information. I read it on my phone in my car in the parking lot 30 minutues before my interview and it totally helped." — David Norton, August 28 2010

"I got the job I really wanted!"

  ▶  "Bob, I am very impressed. It's so easy to learn the perfect comebacks for questions like 'what is your biggest failure' or 'why should we hire YOU instead of someone else' ... or for me in particular 'can you explain this gap in your employment history' ... I have been through many uncomfortable interviews, but you're right — the answers in the this Guide are definitely effective. I was able to use these scripts right away. It's amazing how well they worked in the interview and I got the job I really wanted! Thank you." — Sarah Braunstein, Account Services Rep, May 28 2005

"I got the perfect job last week."

"Hi Bob, I've been reading your materials and have learned SO MUCH. I got the perfect job last week and I needed to say THANK YOU!!" — Izchel Toledo, April 20 2010

"I did an outstanding interview and the panel was very impressed!"

  ▶  "Hi Bob, I had my interview and I did great. I am very confident that I will be offered the position. My only regret is that I did not know about your book earlier. I downloaded and read it just a couple hours prior to the interview. I was like a sponge. Your book helped me to answer the questions from the panel more confidently. I will definitely recommend this book to others. They emailed me the next day, asked for my references, and told me I did an outstanding interview and that the panel was very impressed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" — Linda C., Regional Manager, Health Care, July 27 2011

"I definitely felt more sure of myself and of the answers I gave."

"Thank you, Bob. I now have copies safely stored in several locations! I would like to thank you for your fast and friendly Customer Service! ... It's so refreshing to have problems solved within hours, literally. Your "Ultimate Guide" is very informative, and helped me feel more confident during the interview. I definitely felt more sure of myself and of the answers I gave!" — Linda Turner, October 18 2011

"Extra shine on your halo Bob! Thanks"

— Susan Price, July 4 2012

"Big time interview on Friday."

  ▶  "Thank you for the Guide ... big time interview on Friday ... The Guide should help set me at ease a bit ... and help me prepare for further (nope ... I'm going to nail this one! ... gotta!) interviews." — Neal Ostler, Construction Safety Engineer, January 24 2012

"Thanks Bob for making me more confident & efficient. God bless you!"

— Linda Caldito, September 21 2011

"This is a brilliant tool."

  ▶  "This is a brilliant tool. I have definitely learned a ton with it. Because I freelance I have to interview often — and my interviewing confidence has gone way up! Your Guide is also perfect to use to brush up on my presentation and self-promotion skills whenever I go in to a client meeting. Love it." — Rajiv Batacharya, Full Stack Web Developer, January 19 2005

"A real competitive edge ..."

"Much Mahalo from Hawaii. I think I did really with your intro notes on my interview today. I wasn't as nervous as before. That was amazing ... I felt pretty good after I left. Your guide will help me have a real competitive edge in my next Supervisor interview in about a week! ... Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and prompt replies." — Paradise Nolan, November 4 2011

"I got the job ... and the salary check I desired"

  ▶  "Hi Bob, luckily I got the Job!!! and the salary check I desired... Your materials really work. would like to recommend to all my friends out there. Thanks a lot, Bob!!! God Bless!!!" — Philip John Enrico Gonzales, Project Accounting Officer, November 14 2012

"I got the job offer making twice of what I currently make!!"

"Thank you for the wonderful guide. I got the job offer making twice of what I currently make! ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!" — Tina Bulous, March 29 2008

"Has really helped me."

  ▶  "Thanks for the LinkedIn endorsement Bob. I purchased your Interview Preparation book and it has really helped me in my current job search. Hopefully, I'll be getting an offer soon. Thanks again!" — Danielle Dujon, Paralegal, May 7 2013

"To my surprise, I used every one of them during the interview!"

"Bob, I purchased your guide two days ago and took the time before today's interview to write eight STAR statements and commit them to memory. To my surprise, I used every one of them during the interview! ... They told me it would be a structured interview asking me HR type questions — and your answer formula was exactly what they were looking for. Having the answers fresh in my mind was well worth the price of the Guide. It's a very valubale resource." — Gary Rousseau, Sr. Project Engineer, June 8 2011

"She asked me when I could start!"

  ▶   "Dear Bob, I would never have come across your site if i didnt google interview questions. Ive been on a lot of interviews and i never knew what to ask, and i never heard back from them. Now i owe you so much i wish i could meet you in person and give you a hug and shake your hand! I had my second interview with the district manager. i asked the questions you sent me. she thought the questions were terrific and she asked me when i could start! may god bless you and your family." — Lisa Parker, Retail Manager, February 11 2010

"Found a job!"

— Rich Halloran, May 21 2010

"I think the phrases are really professional."

  ▶  "Thanks for the Guide, Bob! It was really helpful. I think the phrases are really professional, and it helps. Here is a pic to use on your site. Keep up the good work!" — Anne Rasmussen, Executive Assistant, October 10 2005

"This has been by far most helpful thing I have received!"

"Dear Bob, I just wanted to express my thanks to you for these templates. I have been looking for a new career for about 4 weeks now. In this economy it is especially difficult to find the best way to market your skills. I must tell you that in all of the time I have spent searching online for jobs and tips that can help me, this has been by far most helpful thing I have received! I usually do not write these types of emails, but you have given me a renewed sense of hope. I just wanted you to know that you made a difference in someone's life today!" — Angela Valenzuela, May 3 2010

"Very useful. I have since been hired ..."

  ▶  "I am a Military Veteran (Master Sergeant, Retired) and I found your answers to top behaviorial interview questions to be very useful. I have since been hired directly with the State of Arizona and promoted twice. Thank you for making these materials availble!" — Joanne Frazier, January 21 2014

"I wish I had it for the last one!"

"Thank you for the guide. This is timely because I have another interview on Wednesday. I wish I had it for the last one! I am taking the time to go over the material and prepare myself for Wednesday. Thanks again!" — Jean Francis April 2 2012

"... TWO job offers after using your materials."

  ▶  "Thanks a lot for sharing very useful tips and invaluable advice. I went on several interviews and finally one company located in my area offered me a job. I accepted the offer right away despite the fact I had to take 12% cut in pay. Then last week another company where I'd interviewed offered me a job with a better salary. It's been a somewhat difficult decision whether to quit my current job I started a month ago, but I did get TWO job offers after using your materials." — Irfan Ahmad, Supply Chain Program Manager, March 12 2014

"Your ideas are working for me as high dose boost medicines."

"Sir, your advice has changed my life. I have included your interview hints in my cover letter along with my CV, now i am getting more calls from many companies for jobs at the higher salary package. Sir, you cannot imagine how much happy i am today because of you only. otherwise my life was spoiled and i was surviving in very much stress and totally mentally disturbed, i was trying to do suicide. after i buy your books my life has been change now, your ideas moralled me up and given me a new path to live alive, your ideas are working for me as high dose boost medicines. thank you very much from my heart." — Rajesh Kumar, November 23 2011

"I had been focusing too much on ME ..."

  ▶  "Your Guide really opened my eyes! The behavioral Interview Answers are definitely new and different. Within 5 minutes of reading it, I realized that in my previous interviews I had been focusing too much on ME, rather than the INTERVIEWER'S NEEDS. Great resource. Highly recommended." — Dan Alexander, Marketing Manager, July 26 2013

"What a great guide ..."

"Thank you. What a great guide. Everyone should buy a copy of this because it really helps you when interviewing. Thank you for publishing this Guide Book." — Debbie Pieretti, Pharmaceutical Clinical Operations, December 10 2012

"I recommend it to everyone."

  ▶  "Dear Bob, I am a sales trainer and new business developer with over 20 years of executive leadership and banking experience. Your Guide is very good and very touching. I recommend it to everyone." — Sherif Nasr, Retail Banking, Cairo Egypt, August 31 2013

"... My interview is tomorrow."

"Hi Bob, Thank you for your reply. I finally purchased the book. I love the fact that I'm able to view everything on my iPad right now and don't have to wait until I receive it in the mail. My interview is tomorrow, so this is exactly what I needed." — Lucy Anderson, March 14, 2009

"I have started a new job"

"Bob: I loved this. Thank you very much. I have started a new job. I never thought I could or would be doing something like this, but I feel God has led me in this direction. Thank You so much for the encouragement in your intelligent materials." — Lori Mulli, September 20 2011

"Your ideas are fresh and I've tried them — THEY WORK!"

  ▶  "Bob, your behavioral interview questions & answers worked like a charm! I asked the interviewer if they would agree with me about XYZ, and I used the phrase that pays: "Did I answer that question to your satisfaction?" ... All I heard was Yes, Yes, Yes. They were buying into everything and it landed me the next step to the interview. Your ideas are fresh and I've tried them — THEY WORK!" — Tia Aguilar MBA, Account Executive, Insurance & Finance, June 11 2013


— Olga O'Leary, May 18 2010

"Relevant, considered & useful material."

  ▶  "Valuable advice. Well written, using straightforward everyday language, with a bit of humor here and there! Detailed examples of interview answers. Overall this is relevant, considered & useful material which should definitely help you prepare to shine!" — Jackie Gay, Editor and University Teacher, June 14 2012

"At first I was scared ... "

"I landed my dream job because of the tips I have been getting from you. And I actually enjoyed the interviews I did. At first I was scared looking at the candidates that I was to compete with, but after considering the fact that I had been called for the post means they had seen something in me I can deliver. It was courage that has landed me the new role am holding now." — Fernando Lafuente, VP Operations, January 14 2011

"Now I have the job I wanted!"

  ▶  "Your interview guide is very helpful indeed. I was experiencing a few unsuccessful interviews before I decide to take your serious preparation. By studying your materials I was able to understand what employers want to hear and how to make my answers profitable information for them. Your Guide covers the most common questions for any interview and with the help of the Ultimate Guide I felt absolutely prepared and calm before my interviews. Now I have the job a wanted! Thank you so much." — Galina Matveeva, Senior Technology Specialist, August 18 2012

"Your course allowed me to walk into the interview with a level of confidence I have not had before ..."

"The consistent feedback I received from the interview panel was how impressed they were at my ability to tie my experience and contributions to the key job skills they were looking for in a candidate ... Your course allowed me to walk into the interview with a level of confidence I have not had before. The job interview went very well. I was clear on how I had impacted the bottom line in each of my roles. The most valuable asset in the book is the focus on the key information I should be communicating in an interview ... The worksheets helped me think through my career and project examples. Thanks for a great teaching tool!" — Kelley S., May 7 2013

"Spanish speaking ... I LOVE IT! Excellent!"

  ▶  "I am a spanish speaking bilingual & bicultural individual with 10+ years of experience in event management, marketing and communications. I bought your Job Interview Strategies package a few days ago. I LOVE IT! Excellent!." — Azucena "Suzie" Ramirez, Director of Marketing, October 10 2012

"This is wonderful. It seems that you anticipate my challenges. Be Blessed." — Damian Chambers, Pastor, November 15 2009

"Purchasing the Guide is the best thing I have ever done."

  ▶  "Hi Bob, I purchased the Ultimate Guide to Job interview answers, which I must say is the best thing I have ever done. I had been out of work for 12 months when I came across your Guide, and after sending out only a handful of applications I landed 4 interviews for 4 different jobs, and by using your guide I ended up with 2 job offers, one which I have accepted and I am still currently holding ... I must say I am very impressed." — Alina Delianachi, Senior Commercial Analyst, Telstra, July 14 2013

"Learning from the sample 'thank you letters' is so much help"

"Dear Bob, Thank you very much, it's really a big help for me looking for a job, learning from the samples for thank you letters after interviews etc. that you sent. So much help. Hope to get the job offer next week. Thanks again," — Irene Caruthers, February 17 2009

"Explanations of what the interviewers are looking for in each question has been the most useful for me."

  ▶  "Your material has been very useful for me. All of the material is very important but I would say the perspective that you give about what the interviewers are looking for in each question has been the most useful for me. In addition, the many example answers for the huge variety of questions can help people to be very well prepared to give good answers for the real questions. I would describe it as a very structured guide to be prepared for having a sucessful interview. It is a great guide." — Daniel Gomez Aguirre, National Sales Manager, Mexico, June 5 2013

"Thanks for all your support."

"Dear Bob, You have been great help to me. When I was depressed last year with my career progression your Guide on interviews helped me a lot. I've now got a job in a multinational corporation. Once again thanks for all your support til date." — Chris Brannigan, September 11 2011

"... NOTHING is as helpful as your book was to me!"

  ▶  "Hello Bob, my name is Claude Aurelien, I purchased your book back in 2007 right after I graduated from College with a bachelors in business management. Your book was a life changing shift for me in understanding job interviews. It landed me a job with The Hartford Financial Services Group. Recently i had a life changing event -- my son was born & we relocated to NC from CT. I'm now actively looking for work. I thought i still had a copy of your book, but can't find it! -- all those perfect answers i had tailored to my work experience, and the breathing techniques, the confidence builders, are all gone. I have a phone interview today with Fidelity Investments (behavioral based questions) and I have been doing my own research and compiling different questions and answers but NOTHING is as helpful as your book was to me! Can you send me a new copy? THANKS!" — Claude Aurelien, Insurance & Finance Executive, March 22 2014

"Thank you so much for your job interview tips. They are so interesting and very educating. Though I am still on the job search, I am learning so many useful ideas from you. MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOW! Thank you. :)" — Michaelina Little, April 12 2013

        Now in its 7th revision since 2004, The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers has been trusted & downloaded over 17,000 times by people just like you who are looking to land a job. The Guide is polished, designed, and laser-focused with specifics to help you get hired.

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"... One of the wisest investments I've ever made!"

"This has got to be one of the wisest investments I've ever made! I purchased the Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers, and I am so grateful for the helpful tips. After nearly three years of interviewing within our community college district and never receiving a job offer, it's hard to believe I landed a position after purchasing your guide just 1 week beforehand. I am thrilled! This will finally put me on the road towards my career goal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will highly recommend this to my friends." — L. Angela Miller, Demonstration Lab Supervisor, January 27 2013

"Very professional expressions. Definitely recommended guide."

"The ultimate guide to interview answers showed me how to analyze my strengths and use them in a positive way. As I am switching to the HR field and do not have a previous experience on it, your guide taught me how to show the hiring manager that my current skills can be transferable. It also uses very professional expressions that employers seek in a prospective candidate, it really improved my confidence in the interview, I liked it tons. Definitely recommended guide." — Sohail Ilyas, January 22 2010

"It's certainly worth 10 times its price!!!"

"Hi Bob, its me again. I dont want to bore you, just a quick note to let you know that the interview went very very well, they have been asking exactly the questions (slight variances for sure..) you had in your book and it was real fun! Your book is a real treasure and, considering the value of your question for everyone who needs to attend a behavioral interview, I cant believe how cheap your book is. It's certainly worth 10 times its price!!! I will recommend it to everyone! Thank you so much again!" — Daniela Broadnax, June 25 2011

"Think and Grow Rich is STILL solid advice for today."

"Thank you! I appreciate your prompt response and am looking forward to reading your book and the other bonus material. I actually read Think and Grow Rich some time ago (your bonus #10) and it is GREAT and STILL valid with solid advice for today as if it were just written! Amazing. Thanks again, Bob." — George E.

"I found a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

— Brian E Brown, March 14 2010

"... Far more then confident then I was before"

"I bought your book on The ultimate guide to interviews and I have to say it's been a great help thus far. I am far more then confident then I was before. Thank you!" — Bob Freda, IT Project Managemer, January 28 2013

"I'm learning a lot from it."

"Your email was like a bulls-eye. I'm going thru a very difficult phase in my carrier right now and it's because I was asked to leave coz the company downsized. After going thru the points mentioned below, I could relate my situation to it very much. Thanks for your tips and advice. I have already bought your interview guide a week back, and I'm learning a lot from it and hoping that I land in a job I'm looking for." — Ranjith Chembrath, May 4 2007

"Dear Bob, Thanks a lot for giving me the most valuable thoughts to charge my confidence level. Best Regards!" — Sanjay Simpta, September 21 2011

"I have used your tips on job interviews."

"Thank you for your tips on interviews and what to say and to avoid. It has been helpful and I have used your tips on job interviews. But for some reason, I am beginning to suspect a previous office manager whom blatantly disliked me, and was not secure in her job abilities. Thank you again for the confidence-building guide." — Wanda Levinson, January 8 2012

"I want to sincerely thank you for all of the advice you have given me."

— Robert Frazier, October 3 2010

"I am confident that this guide will provide the magic I need."

"Dear Mr. Firestone, I have a second interview that is scheduled for next Tuesday. I am confident that this guide will provide the magic I need to assist me in landing the job. I will review it diligently. Thank you for the information." Pamela Henderson, June 21 2011

"I GOT A JOB!!!!"

"I GOT A JOB!!!! Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Much appreciated." — Laura Deroo, April 28, 2010

"I now enjoy a stable work life ..."

"Many thanks for all the tips you've sent to me in the past, they've been very useful. I have used your tips and your Guide beneficially to improve myself. I now enjoy a stable work life and I'm in the process of progressing my career to a higher management level." — Ola Lekan, March 2 2012

"Thanks to you, I will deeply think about things I really love to do."

"Thank you very much for this helpful e-mail. I lost my job almost three months now (I was fired; some issues with my boss) and all my days, I just spent them in front of my computer, applying for positions all over the country. Let's omit all the bills that are piling out of my table!!!! Since yesterday I decided to take the a very small job just to erase the story of my termination out of my resume. But thanks to you, I will deeply think about things I really love to do, look inside myself and remember all the dreams I used to have about my life." — Kate Falade January 11 2012

"I landed a JOB!!" — Winnie Peake, June 17 2010

"I am so blessed, thank you for the Guide!"

"Reading these words this morning really makes me to feel more positive about my inner-self. Though it has been two years since I lost my job and have exhausted my finances, but all in all, I am still trusting God who has been sustaining me from July 14, 2009 to present. These are my words to God every morning when I pray that He who created my mouth would supply the food for it, bills, which are supposed to be paid, God will provide the money for them to be paid. That is how high my Faith is with God. So, my prayers this morning coupled with your words of motivation and encouragement, I am so blessed, thank you for the Guide!" — Riannon J.

"Thank you so much Bob! God bless you!" — Menseh Jones, September 23 2011

"You have unleashed a champion in me."

"Dear Bob, This came at the time I needed it most. Thank you Bob .I had abandoned my studies because 1 module was giving me a hard time .I said to myself I am 44 and I have a fulltime stable job, why do I need to study . I realised I can still be a manager and start my life over even after 44 years .You have unleashed a champion in me and I am charged to go back and finish my studies I know I will make it .I discovered that I was not associated with enthusiastic people ,not true to myself not anymore I have already started and I will let you know about my achievements. God Bless you," — Elizabeth Sibiya, September 21 2011

"Got a Job!!"

— Kathy Berard, May 7 2010

"Thanks very much Bob; I am immersed in interviews right now so this is very timely and I am sure will help a lot ... Best regards," — Howard Coles, July 26 2011

"Landed a great job."

"I have landed a great job and no longer need assistance! Thank you!" — Tammy Ziemer, April 6 2010

"Dear Sir: I just want to thank you for all the material that you have sent me. It is helpful to me in my job search. Thanks for taking the time to send all of the different types of information to me. If there is anything else that you think would be helpful to us. I would welcome the opportunity to learn more." — Pam Main, August 24 2010

"Thanks again - easily said yet greatly appreciated."

"Dear Bob - You email could not have come at a better time. It truly is not easy being laid off and looking for a job the you truly love is quite hard to find right now. I have laid out "what I do best" and have come up with 2 ideas that I can expand on as my own business, hope to grow and actually be happy getting up in the morning and going to work, The corporate world right now is grasping at the "wrong straws" just to get ahead. Thank goodness I am out of that stressful situation. Have a great day :) and thanks again - easily said yet greatly appreciated." — Meg Basquiat, May 27 2010

"... It was unbelievable!"

"The other day I saw your website by chance and I purchased the guide and used it to improve my CV and applied at the Department of Housing. Then after just 2 days they emailed me and invited me for assessment -- it was unbelievable!" — Mehdi Dabire, March 24 2014

"Thank You, Mr. Firestone. Your Guide really made me feel a little bit better about my stressing, depressing situation. I now have more confidence in doing better in the interview." — Mitchell Daniels, May 14 2010

"Your efforts are blessings to many; including me."

"So sorry to hear that you have been hospitalized...happy also to read that you're doing better on the mends. Take good care of yourself. Thank you for all of the great information. Your efforts are blessings to many; including me." — William Lewis, March 27 2010

"I got the job!"

"I got the job! Thanks for the input. I do have to end my association though as I just don't have time to keep up to the emails. Thanks Again..." — Tracey Saska, March 27 2010

"... It's been very resourceful and very helpful."

  ▶  Bob I just brought your book the Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews, and i am so excited, it's been very resourceful and very helpful. Straight away I used the list of behavioral competencies to update my CV and my linkedin profile and it looks so much stronger!" — Caroline Olatunji, Project & Program Manager, UK, January 27 2014

"With your help I got the job I was looking for! Thanks for your help!" — Megan Gibbs, February 19 2010

"Professionally written ... it is a masterpiece"

"I want to sincerely express my profound gratitude for this quality and rich masterpiece. After going through the Ultimate Guide, I cannot but agree with the fact that it is a masterpiece; professionally written by someone who sincerely understands the needs of recruiting managers and the gap that exists between job seekers and recruiters. These documents have built my confidence and my readiness to face any job interview at any point in time. Thank you once again and best regards. — Kayode Elelu, Sales Manager, February 8 2013

" ... Your book was a Godsend!"

  ▶  "I came across a reference to your book through LinkedIn on how to make a good impression during an interview. I purchased your using Paypal. I'm just recently unemployed and felt that your book was a Godsend! ... Prior to my current situation, I worked at a large hospital for eleven years. It came as such a total shock that I cried for almost 2 weeks straight. I literally did not know what I was going to do. I never dreamed that I would be standing in the unemployment line! So as you can see, your book has come at a critical time in my life! Thank you Bob for giving me and many others a leg up in landing a job." — Kelly Jones, RN, Medical Administration, February 23, 2014

        Now in its 7th revision since 2004, The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers has been trusted & downloaded over 17,000 times by people just like you who are looking to land a job. The Guide is polished, designed, and laser-focused with specifics to help you get hired.

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