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Review of Bob Firestone's “Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers” by Kirkus Reviews

Here's an independent review of Bob Firestone's “Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers” by Kirkus Reviews — long recognized as the gold standard for impartial book reviews. Kirkus is a notoriously tough, completely independent reviewer of books since 1933.

An Independent Review:


“This nonfiction book offers strategies and examples to help readers ace the tough questions during a job interview. The book is succinct and engaging, providing a wealth of job interview information in an easy-to-follow style.”

“Firestone guides readers in figuring out how to position themselves as ideal candidates, and how to play up their strengths in ways that hiring managers and human resources departments will appreciate. He gives candidates the perspective from the other side of the interview desk, describing what hiring managers want to know, why they want to know it, and how the candidate can effectively deliver that material”.

“Firestone also describes "behavioral competencies" and encourages readers to discuss their accomplishments in ways that meet these standards. Finally, he lists sample questions for candidates to ask at various stages of the interview process.”

“Overall, this engaging Guide focuses on smart preparation strategies, and offers useful advice to make the average candidate feel more confident. A valuable resource for today's job candidates.”

Source: Kirkus Reviews

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